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Simple Marketing to Grow Your Small Business.

Buzzy delivers insights, tips, and strategies on a weekly basis to help you build a bigger, better database of mobile ready customers.

no credit card required

Connect with new customers

Boost your customers base


Build loyal customer relationships

Drive repeat business

Grow your company profits!

Faster than email marketing!

We keep your marketing easy and affordable  

Your customers will prefer text messages from you, but it's also great for your business!


1-1 Chat

incoming & outgoing.


Business Number

local or toll-free, it's your choice!


Unlimited Keywords

personalized for you.


Unlimited Contacts

and unlimited groups.


Powerful Features

designed to grow your profits!


Pay & Go Option

Add messages as needed.

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Get Booked Challenge

Ready to connect more, convert more, and crush your 2021 goals? Take the simple 5 PART GET BOOKED Challenge and quickly integrate the power of text marketing into your company workflow.

Part 1:  Market your text number.

Part 2:  Get new leads and build your mobile lists.

Part 3:  Send out effective group messages and promotions.

Part 4:  Build loyal repeat customers.

Part 5:  Save time and money with text automation!



Lori Nordstrom - Buzzy Founder

Start with a text-enabled business number

Your Buzzy account includes a new business number. Choose a local or toll-free number, it's up to you!

Already have a business number? No problem, we'll help you move the SMS portion of your landline or toll-free numbers to Buzzy Text. 

Business texting features focused on sales

Communicate with customers the way they prefer — texting. See how Buzzy's easy-to-use business texting software helps improve customer responsiveness, ensuring new business !

The most important part of a text marketing campaign is the ability to send bulk text messages to your clients. THANK. REMIND. REWARD. Send to one group or multiple groups at once! 

Bulk SMS and IMAGE messages
Message templates
Video and voice messages
Scheduled messages
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Promotions & Announcements


Thx for joining the Photo Studio model program. Reply with your name to get connected.


Jill Abbott


Hi Jill! What school do you go to?


Foothill High

camera eye.png

Awesome! Last question: What class is your graduation? 

Buzzy lets you set up a series of automatic messages that each user receives after subscribing to your list. This gives you the efficiency of creating a messaging program without having to launch campaigns manually.

Create auto-campaigns in minutes
Guarantee repeat business
Builds loyal relationships!

Automated Messages

Mobile Coupons

1-1 Chat

Customers today require a quick response to their questions. Make it easier for prospects to contact you and place orders.

Free incoming & outgoing messages
Instant mobile notification
Real-time customer service

Hi, it's Jim. Do you have more information about your coaching courses?


Hi Jim, thanks for your interest in our coaching programs. Here is a link to learn more. 


Wow! that was quick. I'll take a look and contact you soon. I'm excited!


Join our Coffee Shop Rewards  Program or Check-in Below,

Join Our Program


My Points

Loyalty Simplified

Easily launch a loyalty rewards program that boosts customer retention and keeps people coming back. Our loyalty program software is super simple and easy to set up. Your customers are sure to love it!

Easy for customers to opt-in
Great for trade shows
Build Unlimited in-store or web kiosks

Contact/Client Keywords 

Invite new subscribers with promotions, updates, and important notifications on the device they’re already checking — their phones.

Unlimited text keywords
Unlimited contacts
Capture additional contact info



Thx for joining our Burger Club. We can't wait to share our specials with you! Here's 10% off your next order. just show us this message when you come in. See you soon!!

To enter

text ENTER to 844-342-XXXX

Enter To Win a Free Family Portrait Session!
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textbubble gray.png

You're entered to win. Stay tuned, the winner will be selected this Friday at noon. 

Good luck :)

Congrats! You won a FREE Family Portrait session. Contact us and we'll set up an appointment for your family. 




Yay! thanks!

Contests and Polls

Contests are fun, promotional opportunities that drive brand loyalty and build relationships with consumers. With our platform, you can easily launch and automate a text-to-win contests and polls.

Use sweepstakes to grow your list
Great for trade shows 
Poll your customers to get feedback.

Appointment Center

Eliminate missed appointments. Texting for appointment reminders is a breeze and keeps your clients coming to you on their schedule.

Automated appointment reminders
Follow-up auto responders
Minimize missed appointments
textbubble gray.png

Hi Jamie, this a reminder for your appointment on 9/21/21. @ 1:00pm. 

Reply Y to confirm, N to cancel or STOP to quit. 




Birthday & Anniversary Wishes

Want more loyal customers? Easily collect peoples' birthdays when they subscribe to your text list and our system will automatically send them your birthday text message. 

Reward with a gift or offer
Touch base with customers
Completely automated

Why Text Marketing?


Preferred Over Email

90% of text messages are read within 5 minutes. No email SPAM filters.


More Personal 

Text messages reach your audience directly - no outside app needed!


Customer Choice!

Over 75% of consumers prefer a text over an email.

Buzzy allows you to communicate with your contacts by scheduling a simple text that gets opened, gets read and gets acted on! Go ahead and build your brand on social. Just remember, statistics show that only about 10% of your followers see your Facebook or Instagram posts. Text messages, however, have a 95% + open rate! When it comes time to connect, your clients and contacts prefer texting PLUS, you own your list and control the message delivery! Have a message you want to guarantee your clients receive? Buzzy is the answer!

Industries that we serve

Every business can learn to use Text Marketing to develop better relationships with existing customers and to attract loyal, new customers. And, best of all, it can be done without massive marketing budgets.

Start Your SMS Marketing Campaign Today

You can be assured your personal information and any text messages/voicemails are completely safe with us and will NEVER be shared with third parties.

Questions? Text Us: 833.284.8488
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